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Polyurethae Sponge ͧӫѺ§
Extremely lightweight and easy to cut / install
An inexpensive method of controlling the acoustics.
Flame resisitant
Help break up sound waves
More efficient at absorbing a wider range of frequencies than flat foam


ͧӫѺ§ Polyurethane Դѧ

ͧѧ Acoustech Egg Box Sponge

ͧѧ ѺѺ§ Фʵԡ ѺѧͧͧáôٴѺ§ ҤѴ ͧ ͧʵٴ ˹͡Ẻٻѧ ͡ôٴѺ§բ 㹷ءҤ§

Acoustech Sponge acoustic sheet roll are a popular method of controlling reverberation within studios and music practice rooms. They have a surface that resembles an egg box, hence their name and are an inexpensive method of controlling the acoustics.

The uneven surface of these acoustic tiles enables them to absorb a greater range of frequencies and sound waves and the thicker the tiles the more efficiently they will absorb lower frequencies.

Density : 25Kg/m3

Foam Type : Open cell polyurethane acoustic

Colour : Dark Grey Ҵ

Acoustiech ͧӫѺ§
Ҵ/ Size Base Thickness Overall Thickness NRC
625 x 2000mm 20mm 40mm 0.42
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